Who is S.O.S

S.O.S. has heard your calls; sartorial salvation has arrived.

We are an independent fashion boutique that was est. in 2006 by Shelby Leonard-Watt and her husband Mike. The concept of S.O.S was to be more than a shoe & apparel shop for women: it's a space where women can be at ease with their bodies; dress their confidence; and a positive [body] experience...yes that can happen while trying on clothes. 

It's about finding salvation in the perfect shoe, a head-to-toe outfit, or the coveted item of the season. It's a space where we get excited about all things girly. Where we support and uplift other women with our shared love for fashion. While not taking ourselves too seriously, we love to have a laugh and be silly, because at the end of the day retail therapy is meant to be good for the sole.

Come hang with us. Bx